New transparent PV glass skylight in California designed by Perkins+Will

Onyx Solar has already fabricated and shipped the amorphous Silicon Low-E glass that the University of San Diego will install in its new Center for Novel Therapeutics.

a new facility that will support the formation, funding, and growth of private biotech companies with a focus on cancer diagnostics, treatments, and interventions. In fact, University of California San Diego is one of the top fifteen research universities in the world.


Designed by prestigious firm Perkins+Will, the new building will incorporate a transparent photovoltaic skylight in the center lobby that will provide natural light, filter UV, and IR radiation, and generate clean, free power for the building. Insulating glass units with a low-E coating for additional performance are already on their way to the job site. Contractor Architectural Glass and Aluminum (AGA) will be in charge of this installation. Stay tuned for more pictures coming soon!


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Onyx Solar’s amorphous Silicon transparent glass – manufacturing process


Rendering courtesy of Perkins+Will.



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