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Integrated Solutions for Positive energy and resilient Cities

Programme: H2020. European Commission.


RESPONSE is a smart city-oriented project, whose major goal is to support the delivery of a set of Positive Energy Blocks and Districts (PEB) – a limited geographic area whose average local renewable generation is greater than its consumption – in the Lighthouse cities of Dijon (FR) and Turku (FI) and their Fellow Cities: Brussels (BE), Zaragoza (ES), Botosani (RO), Ptolemaida (GR), Gabrovo (BU) and Severodonetsk (UA).


These Lighthouse cities will achieve a local RES (Renewable Energy Sources) penetration of 11.2 GWh/y, energy savings of 3,090 MWh/y and an emission reduction of 9,799 tons CO2eq/y within their PEB. Special focus is given to create resilient and safe cities, increasing quality of life and lowering the impacts of climate change.


To achieve that, RESPONSE will demonstrate a total of 10 integrated solutions, comprising 86 innovative elements (technologies, tools, methods), monitored with specific impact metrics (Key Performance Indicators, KPIs). Moreover, it will attract the interest of various stakeholders by generating innovative business models enabling the upscale and replication of the solutions forming a validated roadmap for sustainable cities across Europe and beyond.


The project adopts an energy transition strategy, which includes 5 Transformation Axes (TAs), namely:

  •     TA#1: Transformation of existing and new building stock into Energy Positive and Smart-ready;
  •     TA#2: Decarbonisation of the electricity grid and the district heating/cooling systems, supporting fossil-based regions in transition and the development of energy communities;
  •     TA#3: Proposition of grid flexibility strategies and novel storage systems for optimizing energy flows, maximizing self-consumption and reducing grid stress;
  •     TA#4: Linking of the existing CIPs (City Information Platforms) with apps and other digital infrastructure to enable digitalisation of services and connected city ecosystems, integrating also smart e-Mobility to promote the decarbonisation of the mobility sector;
  •     TA#5: Promotion of interdisciplinary citizen engagement and co-creation practices putting citizen at the forefront of shaping the cities they live in and towards the development of each city’s 2050 own bold city-vision.

Overall, RESPONSE will add layers of smartness in key city infrastructures, technologies and services (i.e. buildings, energy grid, e-mobility), will decarbonize the electricity grid and district HVAC systems and increase the grid flexibility by introducing novel storage systems. Additionally, RESPONSE will engage citizenship in their own city development and evolution.


ONYX participates in RESPONSE providing its expertise transversally in the project and mainly as member of Dijon's lighthouse ecosystem, where it will further develop and adapt its BIPV solutions on demo sites to achieve the goals of the project.


Currently ongoing project.

Website: under construction



This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant agreement No. 957751.



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