investigacion y desarrollo onyx solar fotovoltaica


Study and development of new BIPV solutions: “WHITE solar FAÇADES”

Programme: 2018 R&D Projects (ICE-Business Competitiveness Institute) - Castile & Leon region.



With this project, Onyx Solar intends to respond to one of the great demands of the architectural and BIPV sectors by developing an opaque white photovoltaic solution for integration into a facade that is not only easy to install and stable against external agents, but also it provides an extra value to the building since, in addition to being a structural element, it acts as a generator of electrical energy from solar radiation.


In this way, this project will allow to produce a ground-breaking BIPV product that will satisfy the architectural demands of a uniform white surface with active properties based on c-Si photovoltaic technology.


This project is finished.





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