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Envelope meSh and digital framework for building Renovation

Programme: H2020. European Commission.


The main goal of the ENSNARE project is to boost the implementation of NZEB renovation packages in Europe, with a focus on residential buildings. To accomplish this objective, the project develops two main technologies: Building components and digital solutions. The deployment of these two is founded in two key structures developed within ENSNARE:

  • Envelope mesh, fully modular and based on industrialized principles, enables fast assembly and interconnection of all components and energy/data networks, including technologies for energy harvesting, storage and distribution.

  • Digital platform provides a framework to stakeholders with a clear structure and access to a wide range of technologies for deep renovation of buildings. It supports all stages of the renovation, from early decision making and data acquisition to the manufacturing, construction, and the operation and maintenance of the implemented system.

Within a comprehensive systemic approach and the above 2 pillars, the project will develop:

  • Modular adaptable components to be integrated within the system, including an active window for ventilation and heat recovery, solar harvesting devices (thermal collectors, PV and hybrid panels with advanced technologies such as roll-bonding), heat pumps and energy batteries for load shifting.

  • A set of digital tools that will connect to the digital platform to support and accelerate all stages for a more efficient and automated renovation process: automated data acquisition, LCA/LCC analysis and decision support, digital BIM model building and computer-assisted manufacturing (CAM), and a smart building management system (sBMS) for optimised operation and maintenance.

  • Digital Twin that starts as a simplified digital model and increases in complexity and interaction potentialities as the project develops.

The ENSNARE solution will be validated through 3 pilot renovation projects covering Nordic, Continental and Mediterranean climates, and 3 virtual demonstration buildings aimed at upscaling the development of the solution.


Currently ongoing project.




This project has received funding from the European Union‘s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant agreement Nº 958445.


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