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Dynamic map of renewable potential at municipality scale: “RENERMap”

Programme: 2018 R&D Projects (ICE-Business Competitiveness Institute) (Castile and Leon region)


The main objective of the RENERMap project is to achieve a detailed analysis of the renewable potential available at local level, including both roofs and municipality land, to respond to the demand of energy that it generates, and to help to achieve the development of self-sufficient energy municipalities. The developments of the project will support municipalities guiding their decision-making towards a renewable energy transition that contributes to the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions and the construction of more sustainable municipalities.


• Development of algorithms for the evaluation of the renewable potential.
• Development of algorithms for estimating thermal and electricity demand.
• Evaluation of the energy balance of the municipality.
• Validation of the visualization prototype of the renewable potential at municipal scale.

Expected Results

• Catalogue of renewable technologies of interest at local level.
• Open-source algorithms for the evaluation of renewable potential.
• Open-source algorithms for estimating thermal and electrical demand.
• Energy balance assessment engine at local level.
• Prototype for the visualization of the renewable potential at municipal scale.

Finished Project.





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