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Onyx Solar has supplied its new and innovative crystalline silicon photovoltaic glass with white digital printing that has been installed as a photovoltaic façade in the Beit Havered building, located in Givatayim, which is part of the metropolitan area of Tel Aviv, Israel.


For this project, our new “Hidden PV” glass was installed as a cladding system in the façade of the building. This glass includes solar cells hidden inside of its surface. It has a clear appearance where solar cells are not visible at all, that is the reason why we call it “Hidden PV”. We can produce it in 17 different colors, even white. 


dewa r&d centre photovoltaic façade onyx solar






  • superficieTotal Area - 608 M2
  • electricidad generadaElectricity generated in 35 years  - 1,938,623 kWh
  • puntos de luzTotal lighting points operating 4 hours per day in 35 years - 3,809 lighting points
  • emisiones CO2 evitadas CO2 emmisions avoided in 35 years - 1,409 Tons of CO2
  • barriles petroleo ahorradosBarrels of oil saved in 35 years - 1,141 barrels


Example of a feasibility study of crystalline silicon photovoltaic façade in Tel Aviv:


  • superficie Payback time  < 4 years
  • electricidad generada Internal rate of return (IRR)  22.4 %




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The installation has 608 m2 (6,544 sqFt) and is composed of 242 units of crystalline silicon photovoltaic glass with several dimensions. Each glass has a 4T + 6T mm thickness and includes a white digital printing that gives it it white appearance. 


Beit Havered is a 6-story commercial and office building, with an area of 17,500 m2 fully leased to Pelephone. The building was totally refurbished to become net zero energy and to generate the energy it consumes. The building is renovated in accordance with the LEED Platinum standards, which indicates leadership in energy saving and sustainability at the highest level and strives to achieve an energy reset


photovoltaic façade beit havered 3



The building is intended to become the tallest building in the world that is zero-rated in terms of energy. It includes offices, recreational and commercial areas, open spaces, 450 parking spaces, and an extensive infrastructure that allows cycling and easy access to public transportation. 



photovoltaic façade beit havered 5



This project is an excellent example of the capacity of our company to develop new and unique innovations for our customers, such as the new range of colored photovoltaic glass. The next generation of photovoltaic technologies incorporates a white material that attracts sunlight and increases the electricity generated, and without any doubt it is the present & future of sustainable buildings.


Besides that, as you can see, solar technology can be installed in a really aesthetic way thanks to our solar BIPV glasses. 




Owner: Amot Investments Ltd.

Arquitect: Sasaki Associates, Inc.

Installer: Aluminum Construction LTD




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