Onyx Solar has installed a vertical photovoltaic glass fin in the luxurious 15-story Elipse Tower that is located in Santo Domingo, in the Dominican Republic.


The 336.5 m2 photovoltaic installation has been made of Dark triple laminated amorphous silicon glass in sizes 989x1621 and 989x720 mm.


Kukullaga station photovoltaic skylight onyx solar



  • superficieTotal Area - 336.5 M2
  • electricidad generadaElectricity generated in 35 years  - 279.422 kWh
  • puntos de luzTotal lighting points operating 4 hours per day in 35 years - 548 lighting points
  • emisiones CO2 evitadas CO2 emissions avoided in 35 years - 187 Tons of CO2
  • barriles petroleo ahorradosBarrels of oil saved in 35 years - 164 barrels per m2



Example of a feasibility study of amorphous silicon photovoltaic façade in Santo Domingo:


  • superficie Payback time  < 5.3 years
  • electricidad generada Internal rate of return (IRR)  29.3 %


The photovoltaic glass allows the building to produce clean and free energy while maintaining a very carefully designed aesthetic without the need to add solar panels on its roof.



Elipse Tower Photovoltaic Façade


Thanks to this photovoltaic fin, the emission of 187 tons of Co2 into the atmosphere will be avoided and a total of 279,422 kWh will be produced.


The Elipse Tower is an apartment building, with an approximate height of more than 70 meters, located in a privileged point of the city.



Elipse Tower Photovoltaic Façade



 It stands out for the impressive and magnificent panoramic view of the entire coast of the Caribbean Sea that, together with its modernist and sustainable design, make this building the new icon of downtown Santo Domingo.


Its luxurious facilities make the Elipse Tower a unique space to live up the highest expectations.



Bilbao Kukullaga Photovoltaic Skylight Onyx Solar



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