Energy Matching

Programme: H2020. European Commission.

Adaptable and adaptive RES envelope solutions to maximise energy harvesting and optimize EU building and district load matching

Energy Matching aims at developing adaptive and adaptable envelope and building solutions for maximizing RES (Renewable Energy Sources) harvesting: versatile click&go substructure for different cladding systems (R3), solar window package (R4), modular appealing BIPV envelope solutions (R5), RES harvesting package to heat and ventilate (R6). Such solutions are integrated into energy efficient building concepts for self-consumers connected in a local area energy network (energyLAN). The energyLAN is designed to fullfil comprehensive economic rationales (organised by geo-cluster), including balancing cost and performance targets, through the energy harvesting business enhancer platform (R1), which handles different stakeholders benefits, risks and overall cash flows, and it will be exploited to develop specific business models. Operational strategies of the energyLAN are driven by the building and districrt energy harvesting management system (R7).


EnergyMatching focuses on residential buildings to open up the highest potential in terms of NZEB target and optimisation of building integrated RES in the 4 seasons. EnergyMatching buildings are active elements of the energy network and as energy partners they consume, produce, store and supply energy and as self-consumers they transform the EU energy market from centralised, fossil-fuel based national systems to a decentralised, renewable, interconnected and adaptive system. EnergyMatching optimisation tool (R2) enables the best matching between local RES-based energy production and building load profiles, and simplifies the energy demand management for the energy distributors.


Project is finished. 




Energy matching project

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement N°768766


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