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Onyx Solar has provided Photovoltaic Glass integrated as a Photovoltaic canopy at a villa located in the village of Thuwal, 80 kilometers north of Jeddah on the coast of the Red Sea, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.






  • superficieTotal Area - 133 M2
  • electricidad generadaElectricity generated in 35 years  - 688,892 KWh
  • puntos de luzTotal lighting points operating 4 hours per day in 35 years - 1,354 lighting points
  • emisiones CO2 evitadasCO2 emmisions avoided in 35 years  - 519 Tons of CO2
  • barriles petroleo ahorradosBarrels of oil saved in 35 years - 405 barrels


Example of a feasibility study of crystalline silicon photovoltaic canopy in Jeddah:


  • superficie Payback time  < 5.7 years
  • electricidad generada Internal rate of return (IRR)  18.5 %




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The project is composed of 3 Photovoltaic Canopies, with a total surface of 133 m2, installed at the King Abdullah University for Science and Technology (KAUST). It is composed of 95 monocrystalline Silicon Photovoltaic Glass modules with a glass configuration of 4+4 mm. Each glass module has a standard measure of 1,650x850 mm.






Onyx Solar's photovoltaic glass filters out harmful radiation from the sun, blocking 95% of IR rays and 99% of UV rays. Likewise, it is resistant to sandstorms, making it possible to integrate into any building in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East.



photovoltaic canopy kaust university villa 2



Founded in 2009, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology is a private research university located in Thuwal, Saudi Arabia. Sustainable development is integral to KAUST's overall mission to nurture innovation in science and technology, and support research in areas such as energy and the environment that are important to Saudi Arabia, the region, and the world. This emphasis on sustainable practices influences KAUST's research agenda, campus planning, and operations.



 photovoltaic canopy kaust university villa 2



The KAUST Smart Home has received the coveted LEED Platinum cerfitication (granted by the U.S. Green Building Council) and attained second place in the global ranking, with a score of 94. Besides, it was Saudi Arabia's first LEED-certified project and is the world's largest LEED Platinum campus.


The LEED certification requirements are based on several key factors such as overall energy consumption, construction methods, and the materials and elements used. This represents a significant achievement as the KAUST Smart Home project was created from an existing home.


To learn more about the certification, read the article published by Saudi Gazette.


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King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) is committed to innovation in sustainable development and increasing global public awareness about these important issues. Designed by international architecture firm HOK, it was also chosen by the American Institute of Architects (AIA) Committee on the Environment as one of the 2010 Top Ten Green Projects.



photovoltaic canopy kaust university villa 2




Project owner: King Abdullah University for Science & Technology

Electrical installer: EGPHIL Solar Solutions

Mechanical installer: Baytur SA



photovoltaic canopy kaust university villa 2

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