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gas barbastro



Onyx Solar has provided Photovoltaic Glass to create a Photovoltaic Ventilated Façade at the social, administrative, and commercial headquarters of Gas Barbastro, located in Barbastro, Huesca (Spain).


The installation has a total of 143 m2 and a peak power of 23 kWp. In total, we have supplied 81 glass modules of Crystalline Silicon Photovoltaic Glass to cover the whole façade (it has dimensions of 16.60 x 9.10 m).


eastern bank photovoltaic façade onyx solar




  • superficieTotal Area - 143 M2
  • electricidad generadaElectricity generated in 35 years  - 493.560 kWh
  • puntos de luzTotal lighting points operating 4 hours per day in 35 years - 970 lighting points
  • emisiones CO2 evitadas CO2 emmisions Avoided in 35 years - 121 Tons of CO2
  • barriles petroleo ahorradosBarrels of oil saved in 35 years - 290 barrels per m2




Every glass module measures 1,700 x 1,000 mm and has 60 monocrystalline photovoltaic cells, which make a total of 4,860 cells.


This installation, in addition to covering the construction and aesthetic needs of the building, will provide savings of more than 60 % on its energy bill.




gas barbastro photovoltaic façade onyx solar



The building was an old ham dryer that Gas Barbastro acquired in 1997 to develop its activity: supplying piped gas for the town, building and maintaining gas, heating, air conditioning and water installations, repairing gas appliances, and also selling household appliances.



gas barbastro photovoltaic façade onyx solar





Gregg Jones

“We undertook this work with great enthusiasm and now, once the installation is finished, we can say that we have adopted the ideal solution for our building. This architectural solution provided by Onyx Solar is ideal for this type of refurbishment and also for new buildings. We are proud that a Spanish company has devised and developed this efficient and aesthetic solution."


Juan Sesé, Director of Gas Barbastro and author of the project.




 gas barbastro photovoltaic façade onyx solar



Developer and installation company: Gas Barbastro
Supplier of supporting structure: SB Fijaciones
Supplier of the inverter & electrical material: Sehusol
Mechanical installation: Saris
Base paint for the façade: Laporta Puy



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