Onyx Solar has provided Photovoltaic Glass to create a  Photovoltaic Skylight, in the Port Authority of the city of Malaga, in the Spanish region of Andalusia.


The installation has a total of 200 m2 and has a peak power of 20 kWp. It is composed of 70 Crystalline Silicon Photovoltaic Glass modules in different sizes and shapes. 






  • superficieTotal Area - 200 M2
  • electricidad generadaElectricity generated in 35 years  - 923.487 kWh
  • puntos de luzTotal lighting points operating 4 hours per day in 35 years - 1814 lighting points
  • emisiones CO2 evitadasCO2 emissions avoided in 35 years - 619 Tons of CO2
  • barriles petroleo ahorradosBarrels of oil saved in 35 years - 543 barrels per m2


Example of a feasibility study of Crystalline silicon photovoltaic skylight in Malaga:


  • superficie Payback time  < 7.2 years
  • electricidad generada Internal rate of return (IRR)  14.2 %




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This refurbishment consists of replacing the existing and inactive glass with Onyx Solar’s photovoltaic glass with a 6T+6T configuration. With this project, the Port Authority of Malaga will be able to start generating its own clean and free energy thanks to the sun, and considerably improve the internal comfort of the building, by filtering harmful radiation from the sun (IR & UV), improving thermal transmittance (U Value) and solar factor (g-value).







Customization is one of the key elements that define Onyx Solar: our glass modules are 100 % customization for the needs of the customer. For the full refurbishment of this skylight, it has been necessary to adapt the size of the photovoltaic glass modules to the existing structure of the building.


We have supplied glass in rectangular, triangular, and rectangular trapezoidal shapes.


Rectangular glasses have 9 different sizes, ranging from 2,580x920 mm to 2,700x1,320 mm. The triangular glasses measure 1,251x1,256 mm (base-height). And finally, the rectangular trapezoidal-shaped glass reaches 3,459 mm (lower base) and 2,554 mm (upper base).






The chosen transparency is medium, with enough space between the polycrystalline solar cells to allow the entry of a lot of natural light into the building.


The city of Malaga belongs to Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy, the largest global alliance for city climate leadership built upon the commitment of over 10,000 cities and local governments. These cities hail from 6 continents and 140 countries. In total, they represent more than 900 million people. Increasingly, cities and local governments across the globe are heeding the call to action.





The photovoltaic skylight of the Malaga Port Authority is a new project that joins the list of those executed in Andalusia. Within those projects, we have already completed some for public institutions, such as 4 photovoltaic skylights for the Urban Planning Building in Almeria, the City Hall of Linares in Jaen, the Town Hall of Conil in Cadiz, and the Rota Naval Base for the Government of the United States. Besides, we have completed some references for private corporations, such as the photovoltaic ventilated façade for the multinational pharmaceutical Pfizer in Granada, and the photovoltaic curtain wall for GDR Headquarters in Gualahorce, Malaga.




Owner: Port Authority of Malaga

Constructor: Naxfor engineers & infrastructures

Installers: Naxfor engineers & infrastructures



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