Photovoltaic solar tables

photovoltaic sOLAR TABLES



Onyx Solar has completed a new project together with the German furniture company Cucer GmbH integrating our Amorphous Silicon photovoltaic glass into outdoor tables with charging stations for mobile devices.


photovoltaic street furniture sidney onyx solar



Our Photovoltaic glass installed on the surface of these tables generates clean and free energy to allow the charging of your mobile devices in a relaxed and safe way, to stay in touch, or simply to surf the Internet while having a cup of coffee.


 The solar tables combine stylish design with ecological functionality.
Wood and rattan as natural and sustainable materials provide that extra touch to the elegant solar tables in combination with design-oriented Onyx Solar photovoltaic glass.


High-quality design and advanced technology are combined into a perfect symbiosis in Solar tables with USB charging outputs. Robust, high-performance Onyx Solar photovoltaic glass is used. A material that also impresses with its aesthetically advanced surface. And with a free SmartConnect monitoring app, where you have an immediate overview of solar power, battery status, and load output at a glance.




 Photovoltaic solar tables



Together with a minimalist design and robust, elegant materials, every Solar table with USB charging outputs becomes an eye-catcher. And in addition a contemporary statement in terms of environmental friendliness.


A convincing advantage for the outdoor area of your exquisite location. No matter if it is a golf resort, beach hotel, or yacht club. Solar tables with USB charging outlets are available in a wider range of sizes and shapes such as dining tables, lounge tables, and bar tables.



Photovoltaic solar tables



Amazingly simple. Your guests are able to charge their mobile devices directly at your solar table. A convenient and safe solution. Thanks to an environmentally sensitive technology that stores free solar energy.



Photovoltaic solar tables



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Photovoltaic solar tables



Photovoltaic solar tables





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