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Onyx Solar has supplied colored photovoltaic glasses that have been used in the design of a stunning solar table that not only serves as a functional piece of furniture but also generates renewable energy thanks to the sun.


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LUZIA DESIGN is an exclusive solar table designed with innovative materials and the latest sustainable technologies that harness the power of sunlight to purify the air, promote health, and provide clean energy for the multimedia charging, audio, and lighting services that the table offers. This designer piece of furniture brings to life the commitment to curb climate change in your daily life with a connected, healthy, sustainable, and environmentally-conscious lifestyle.


It integrates three technologies that, without sacrificing the exclusivity of the design, contribute to slowing down climate change.









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Solar technology: LUZIA's solar technology is active and photovoltaic due to its amorphous silicon photovoltaic glass manufactured by Onyx Solar using patented laser processes that manage to keep the photovoltaic cells hidden. Finished in turquoise, gold and silver.



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The table features photocatalytic technology mimics the behavior of photosynthesis in nature, a decontamination process through oxidation and solar radiation that causes a photochemical reaction that transforms solar energy into chemical energy on a mineral catalyst, producing molecules with a strong decontamination power, known as the atmosphere detergent.


It has also a complete electronic technology: charge sensor, battery charge protection system, moisture protected circuits, wireless charge system QI 10W, Smart Led Lights RGBW 16,000 by Bluetooth through the Casambi APP, etc.



Discover more about these solar tables and order yours here.




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This innovative design has been created in collaboration with ArtesMobles, a Spanish company dedicated to design and manufacture high-end quality contemporary and classic furniture for exclusive hotels and luxury furnishing projects.















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