Customized Photovoltaic Glass

Customized Photovoltaic Glass

If you are working on an unique Project which requires a non-standard photovoltaic glass with special features, Onyx Solar will design a 100% customized glass adapted to your needs.


Configuration options are almost infinite based on glass type, size, photovoltaic technology, transparency degree and color, to make sure we meet your project requirements.


Ask for your quotation for free, after receiving the project and glass specifications, our technicians will ake you our best customized proposal for your project.  In addition,  we will send you a complete custom report that includes [among other information] an estimation of energy production to make decision-making process easier.


We have reached what we like to call “Materials parity”: Onyx Solar photovoltaic solutions are now available at the same price range than conventional construction materials, with the added advantage of generating clean and free solar energy.

Never befor the Building Integrated Photovoltaics  (BIPV) has been so flesible, smart, elegant, feasible and fun.


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