Building envelopes traditionally call for spandrel glass wherever a construction material or structure needs to be hidden.


Opacity is the common characteristic for any type of spandrel glass in the market, and Onyx Solar wants to make the most of it. Our spandrel photovoltaic glass lets buildings generate a huge amount of clean energy thanks to their opaque design. Opaque glass means higher solar cell density, which ultimately translates into high energy yield.


From single laminated glass, to double and triple low-e glazing, Spandrel Photovoltaic Glass is easily integrated within any curtain wall system. Junction boxes and wiring get easily hidden behind the Spandrel glass, resulting in a perfect aesthetic solution.


Different sizes and glazing options are also available for this cutting edge Spandrel panel option.


spandrel fotovoltaico onyx solar edificio

Spandrel Glass

Photovoltaic Spandrel

Photovoltaic Spandrel in façade



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