Photovoltaic acoustic barrier

A photovoltaic acoustic barrier to protect users from noise pollution and produce clean and free energy thanks to the sun.

Photovoltaic acoustic barrier

A photovoltaic acoustic barrier is an external structure with double function. It is designed to protect users from noise pollution and produce clean and free energy thanks to the sun.


Traffic noise has been recognized by the World Health Organization as a major contributor to environmental pollution. Not only it causes discomfort, but also has significant negative health impacts on communities living near road infrastructures. Acoustic screens are the most effective method of reducing sources of traffic noise.


Transforming this solution to a photovoltaic variant takes advantage of the road acoustic barriers reducing the noise created by vehicles and producing clean energy thanks to the Onyxsolar glass photovoltaic properties.





Photovoltaic acoustic barrier

Onyx Solar offers an optimal solution to integrate photovoltaic glazing into these systems with the following characteristics

  • Choosing between conventional or bifacial cells (that enables energy production on both sides of the cells.)
  • Choosing the most suitable photovoltaic glass transparency to reduce visual impact produced by other conventional barriers
  • Choosing between photovoltaic glass technical settings to comply with the regulatory requirements or custom specific requirements in terms of power, glass thickness, dimensions and other components.
  • Bird-friendly photovoltaic glasses. The presence of photovoltaic cells in the glass prevents birds from hitting our barriers.

Photovoltaic acoustic barrier advantages

This barrier’s advantages are: an extraordinary soundproofing, excellent light transmission, high resistance to weather and UV rays and renewable energy generation.

Our glass not only radically reduces noise pollution, but also adapts to the environment with its aesthetics which, in turn, minimizes environmental impact.

Low visual impact

Usually, a photovoltaic production plant is associated with large areas of land covered with photovoltaic panels. Photovoltaic acoustic barriers leverage residual road spaces to generate clean energy distributed throughout the road network

Apart from reducing greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere, this solution also provides economic, social and environmental benefits.

Profitability of photovoltaic acoustic barriers

Our photovoltaic acoustic barriers are a recurring source of income for the road owner. We estimate that 1 mile of road with photovoltaic acoustic barriers generate around 4,400 kWh per day, which corresponds to a 1,100 $ income per day and a 2,200 cars toll. This calculation was based on considering that the average toll price per mile is 0.50 $ per car.

These values were calculated based on a south exposure. For the following exposures we must consider these loss percentage in energy production:

  • West: 10%
  • East: 22%
  • North: 66%

Considering a 10 ft high sound barrier both sides of the road, the total surfaceof glass per mile of road would be: 105,600 sqft (10,000 sqm).

10,000 sqm of glass = 10,000 trees planted = 6,000,000 $ in food during 60 years ¡Per Mile of Road!

Green Road

This solution brings us closer to the Green Road concept in which environmental impact caused by road construction is drastically reduced while ensuring sustainability for the environment and also for the economy.

On top of that, we will plant 6,000 trees for every kilometer of photovoltaic glass that we manufacture. Our goal is to bring back to nature the space that we took away with asphalt.

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