investigacion y desarrollo onyx solar fotovoltaica

Research & Development


Onyx Solar is a company devoted to R&D for building integrated photovoltaics. We firmly believe that a competitive advantage can only be sustained along the way by promoting research and innovation throughout all departments of our company.


We are building a company sustained in a continuous improvement philosophy, and we keep promoting our R&D efforts to meet national and international sustainability goals, policies and initiatives to promote renewable energy and distributed generation.

Onyx Solar actively participates in R&D projects both domestically and internationally. Together with the European Commission, we have developed some of the most promising technologies and products in the field of photovoltaic glass for buildings.

Among ONYX's current researching lines it is the development of new BIPV solutions, the development of urban furniture and urban mobility solutions (vehicles) based on photovoltaic technology, the development of BIPV systems for buildings and district retrofitting for the optimization of the energetic balance and the commitment to third-generation photovoltaic technologies for BIPV applications.



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