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Onyx Solar, in addition to being the Global Leader in PV glass for buildings, provides BIPV consulting services at every project’s step.

We have taken part in large-scale developments for leading companies such as Samsung, Coca-Cola, Heineken, Pfizer and Novartis, who already enjoy the benefits of our glass in their buildings. We also provide advice to prominent architects worldwide, including Foster+Partners, Gehry Partners, Gensler, SOM, AS+GG, and Rafael Vinoly. We have also worked alongside the most important construction companies in the world, such as Skanska, Turner, Jacobs, ACS and Ferrovial.


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    •  At this stage, Onyx Solar identifies the client needs and objectives, by holding remote and face to face meetings, and evaluating project drawings and project information.

      After getting a comprehensive overview of the project, Onyx Solar runs a feasibility study that includes the different PV Glass options that could work for the project, cost information, datasheets and other details. The goal is to provide the customer with a first technical and economic report to verify that the product and proposal is generally aligned with their goals and budget.


    • - Conceptual design of the BIPV solutions.
      - Photovoltaic module/s functional design.
      - Photovoltaic module data sheet.
      - Illustrative electrical scheme.
      - Preliminary quote.

      * The functional one-line electrical diagram is mandatory to carry out the electrical installation of the photovoltaic glass. Onyx Solar can provide one line diagrams for a fee. Otherwise, the electrical contractor in charge of the electrical installation could provide it too.



    •  At this stage, we define the technical soluation that best fit the project goals and the customer preferences.

      In adition, we initiate conversations with the general contractor to further understand the requirements for the job.


    • Architectural Design:
    • - Elevations and plans of the building with photovoltaic integration.
      - Detailed number of units for active and passive PV glass (encounters and limits).
      - Recommended fixing system. Detailed drawing for off-set glass design to accommodate the junction box, wiring and connectors in the structure.

    • Electrical Design:

    • - General calculations for strings and scheme for running the wiring.

      Recommended electrical components: Inverters, combiner boxes, charge controller, battery storage system, etc.
      - Functional one-line diagram.- Interconnected peak power and energy generation with project design report.
      - Definition of the components and datasheets.


    •  This step will be carried out once the contract of the project has been signed.

      At this stage, we coordinate and integrated any designs provided by other trades to get the to final design, specification and cost.


    • Some of our tasks under this stage are as follows:

      • - Preparation of final production information:

        • Shop drawings and submittals (PV modules, structure, mechanical and electrical installation).

          Prescribed components specifications.

          Safety Plan.

          Logistic and lift Plan (auxiliary machinery).

          Schedule of works (MS Project).


      • - Pre-mobilization meeting.

      • - Pre-safety meeting.



      - Commercial/Administrative: Shipment, taxes, export-import expenses, agreement/contract draft, Financial analysis etc.
      -  Technical office studies: 3D drawings and rendering, shadow effects, LEED consulting, building energy analysis, etc.

      - Construction management and on-site supervision.


For further information, you can download our Guide or contact us.



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Some steps of BIPV project. In this case, Bursagaz HQ.


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