Range Of Photovoltaic Glass

Range Of Photovoltaic Glass


Laminated safety glass:

Available in different technologies, colours, thickness and sizes. One of the principal applications of this laminated glass is use as ventilated photovoltaic façade or roof for which a complete package of services and complementary products has been developed to facilitate the installation in any type of building.

We offer the possibility of adapting the glass to the building’s characteristics, to its location and to the client’s economic or aesthetic needs.

Onyx Solar, owing to the wide range of photovoltaic products and diverse technologies available, proposes a unique and intelligent solution to the architectural integration in every one of its projects. Within this range are:

  1.  a-Si
  3. Mono-crystalline
  4. Poly-crystalline

All technologies are available in various colors..

Insulating thermal and acoustic glass:

Available in various sizes and thicknesses, constituted by two, or more, photovoltaic glasses, separated by an airtight camera, thus creating an excellent thermal and acoustic isolator.

For integration in windows and curtain walls, the connections are hidden behind the frames, and, owing to their semi transparency, are see-through.

>> Vidrio Fotovoltaico Doble Acristalamiento
>> Vidrio Fotovoltaico Triple Acristalamiento


Main Advantages


  1. It is not a traditional photovoltaic module designed for ground installation. It has been designed specially as safety glass for buildings in order to comply with the Technical Code of the Building.

  2. It is available in different thicknesses, sizes and grades of transparency.

  3. It works in all weather conditions, including low light and cloudy conditions.

  4. It produces low cost electricity (kWh), allowing lower capital investment and increased output per rated watt.

  5. It is environmentally friendly and has a shorter energy payback period (the amount of time it takes to generate enough energy to equal the energy used to produce it) than traditional photovoltaic modules.
  6. It is frameless and has a uniform colour that is aesthetically appealing. It is ideal for building integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) and other high-visibility applications.




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