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Photovoltaic Laminated Safety Glass


For projects where laminated glass is required, we consider various options in order to meet the customer’s specifications. Laminated glass is composed of several panes of glass, bonded together by an interlayer (EVA or PVB normally).

The thickness of the panes uses to be a 0.12, 0.24, 0.40, 0.47, 0.75 in (3, 6, 10, 12 or 19 mm) glass which can be toughened and heat soaked. Additionally, the interlayer material can be adapted in order to improve the degree of insulation and to provide a wide range of colors, being both necessary in order to achieve a greater acoustic insulation and to meet the aesthetic requirements of the project.

One of the main applications of our laminated glass consists of its usage in ventilated photovoltaic façades and roofs. For an easy and quick installation, we have developed a complete set of complementary products and services, which also allow its installation in any type of project.

Our Photovoltaic Laminated Glass has earned the UL Listed Mark and has been tested according to IEC standards successfully. We can adapt our glass to every building code and the structural requirements of the project. Our glass has been installed in buildings all over the world.


General certifications:
IEC 61646:2009. Thin-film terrestial photovoltaic (PV) modules. Design qualification and type approval.
IEC 61730-1:2007. Safety qualification for PV modules for constructive use.
UL 1703. Flat-Plate Photovoltaic Modules and Panels.
EN 14449. Glass in building. Laminated glass and laminated safety glass. Evaluation of conformity/product standard.

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Our PV glasses have been tested under more restrictive conditions of temperature, humidity, mechanical loads and impacts than any other building material. They are completely suitable for their architectural integration.




temperature Temperature Cycling Test (TC200):
200 cycles of temperature from -40ºC to + 85 ºC.
water Humidity Test (HF10):
10 cycles of humidity-freezing as 10 cycles of +85 ºC
following by freezing stage as 85% relative humidity at -40ªC.
damp Damp Heat test (DHT1000):
1000 hours at + 85 ºC. and 85% relative humidity.
mechanicalMechanical Loading Test:
Our system can support up to a tested load of 5400 Pa (540 kg/m2). The deflection of the system (structure and glass) is below L/240 where L is equal to the clear span length in feet of the deflected member.
hailHail test:
Ice ball in diameter 25 mm at 23 m/s, directed against 11 points of impact.
skyLight soaking Test:
Exposure to light cycles from 600 W-1000 W/sqm until the maximum power of the given units stabilized at +/-2%.






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