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Welcome to the Onyx Solar Academy. Today we will focus on a tremendous constructive solution: THE SOLAR PV CLADDING SYSTEM.

This brief article will allow you to:

    1. Understand the great growth potential of the market for cladding systems and our solar PV glass specially designed for this market.
    2. Understand how our photovoltaic glass can be easily installed as Rainscreen Cladding.
    3. Understand its great benefits in comparison with other building materials: Better price and better properties since it is the only one that generates electricity
    4. Understand how to offer finance to your customers so the property owners can realize positive cash flows since the very beginning with no upfront costs. Nowadays it is only available for the US.
    5. Understand why Onyx Solar PV Glass is a NO BRAINER for Building Owners.


Let´s start. It will take you just 9 minutes!


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The market for cladding systems is projected to grow to USD 243 Billion by 2021. This growth is due to the increase in construction and refurbishment activities that aim to convert new and existing buildings in zero energy buildings. In addition, the Global Green Building Materials Market Size is expected to reach USD 377 Billion by 2022. Among all green Building Materials, the solar products segment is projected as one of the most lucrative segments as you can see above. In fact, Solar Building Materials represent the highest market growth potential and attractiveness. 

The main reason that explains this formidable growth is that cladding provides great insulation for buildings. Please note that Consulting firm Buro Happold has researched double-façade technology to show estimated energy savings in different climates and orientations. The firm reported an average HVAC energy consumption savings of 35% (27% in Las Vegas, 53% in New York, 23% in London, 24% in Miami, 45% in Rome and 39% in Munich). And this is just derived from its insulation properties. On top of this, you must have in mind that our double-façade allows buildings to generate their electricity. In fact, the great innovation developed by Onyx Solar is that we add photovoltaic properties to this cladding allowing it to also generate electricity free of cost thanks to the sun. We have received more than 50 awards. Among them, The National Glass Association of the USA awarded our glass as the Most Innovative Glass for this reason.

The good news is that our material for cladding is one of the most affordable materials for cladding in the market. As you can see below, starting from 100 EUR per sqm ($12US/sqft) your customers can enjoy its unrivaled benefits. Not to mention that our PV Glass unlocks the access to incentives to renewables that other materials for rainscreen cladding simply don't have as for example a Tax Credit of 30% in de USA. 
Too good to be true, right? Try it with a small test and you will discover these facts by yourself. 

materials facade price


Apart of these great energy savings, double-façade (also known as rainscreen cladding or ventilated façade) is a great solution for existing buildings to provide them an undeniable aesthetic value. At Onyx Solar we are witnesses of this great benefit. Please note that we installed a cladding system on our own façade and thanks to that we enjoy now a much nicer building that in addition save us 55% in HVAC consumption thanks to the great insulation it provides to the building. On top of this, each square meter is generating energy free of cost thanks to the sun. Specifically EUR 500 per sqm. So… cherry on the cake! 




Other companies such as Coca-Cola are already enjoying the benefits. They installed a rainscreen cladding in an old existing building. The image speaks for itself: 


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Please note that the glass is solid on non-vision areas but semi-transparent on vision areas. Everything has been designed to improve the aesthetics through a homogeneous image of the façade but allowing, at the same time, the natural light to enter the building through its windows and the visual contact with the exterior. 

The aesthetics and prestige of glass, the power generation capability of PV panels, and the thermal insulation of a rain-screen cladding system come now together under a unique building material. Rainscreen cladding systems offer an optimized thermal insulation. When combined with a building material that generates clean and free power thanks to the sun, it becomes unbeatable.


comparison material facade


And the good news is that our glass for cladding is not more expensive than other alternative materials that are not able to generate electricity. Our glass costs EUR 100 per sqm ($12US/sqFt) and makes EUR 500 ($55US/sqFt) per sqm installed on the façade. The value provided to building owners is great. A new building material that will revolutionize the market forever.  Please check these videos below in order to understand better how to install it. 

Here you can see how a traditional installer with no previous experience installed the PV rainscreen cladding on our own building:




We have also prepared another video to show you how to install our glass as rainscreen cladding in any other existing building. As you can see is a piece of cake! 




And remember that our PV glass can be cut-to-size on the job site. Just like any other Building Material
Check this video:



Regarding its installation please note that from the photovoltaic point of view is as easy as any other conventional installation of thin film PV panels. From the structural point of view is as easy as any other rainscreen cladding. If you need assistance for the electrical installation we have a network of Accredited Installers all over the world ready to assist you: INSTALLER'S NETWORK

If you are interested in becoming an Accredited Installer please fill in this form and we will train you:

If you are a mechanical installed with experience in rainscreen cladding please this FORM

If you are an electrical installer with experience in solar PV installations please this FORM


Please note that at Onyx Solar we only supply the PV glass. The rest of the components are supplied by other manufacturers. We recommend: 

CLAMPS (Eco Series™ Laminate Clamps) 
Rockwool / Roxulhttps://www.rockwool.com/products/comfortboard-110/ 
Makita: Buy it in Amazon 


Please do not hesitate to contact them for assistance. All of them have a great experience and they will help you to design and install your first PV rain screen cladding.


Finally, let me remember you that we have reached an agreement with CleanFund in order to finance the installation to your customers with no upfront cost and no personal guarantees. Kicking-off a photovoltaic project with us is now within reach of any owner allowing the property owners to realize positive cash flows since the very beginning. For more information please do not hesitate to contact Mr. Joshua Kagan (Joshua.kagan@cleanfund.com). Phone 415.256.8000. Nowadays it is only available for the US but we are working to extend it to other countries. We will keep you updated. 

As you can see install our Solar PV Glass is a no-brainer. And this is not something that we say. The owners of Bell Works, named New Jersey’s Most Iconic Building, explain to you why to install our PV glass in any building is a no-brainer.




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