Solar Double Skin Façade: a highly profitable investment

The great performance of Onyx Solar’s cladding turns it into an unbeatable solution to renovate any building and make it a green building.

The studies measuring Onyx Solar´s glass performance in double skin façades installed in Miami, New York, and Las Vegas, proves that Onyx PV cladding is a highly profitable investment.

Thanks to the energy production offered by the glass, plus the energy savings brought by the double skin system - which can be up to 53%, owners can lock the electricity cost below $0.02/kWh for the next 30 years. These outstanding savings boost the investment’s profitability by an average of 26%, recovering the whole investment in 3 years.

This quick and easy-to-install solution is competitively priced, similar to other conventional building materials’ price. Also, it provides a source of clean, free energy and undeniable aesthetics, increasing the value of any property.


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